How to organize a successful event.

Organizing an event is an exciting and rewarding experience, though whether large or small it might be, it needs to be carefully planned from concept to conclusion: before you start, make sure you are taking the following event elements into consideration.

One of the first things to consider is your available budget. Can you rely on public funding? Do you have sponsors that cover the costs? The investment must be in line with its possibilities: never rely on providence or the good heart of someone, because incurring in unexpected expanses it’s easier than it seems. When organizing events it is always important to rely on qualified and certified suppliers, who ensure punctuality, professionalism and quality. Good suppliers are essential for success: they will make sure that all aspects of your event are efficiently taken care of.  Once you have a budget you can start looking for a venue. An historic building, a garden, a square… the place can make all the difference. Carefully evaluate the space and remember that you can cover and enhance any surface. Every season has its inconveniences: the important thing is to foresee them and be prepared to solve them. There are companies that specialize in all types of equipment, but very often the cost goes hand in hand with quality. Keeping this in mind you can start looking for the catering. If your budget is limited, it is better to opt for a good buffet than a mediocre dinner. Animations for children, singers, DJs, this variety of entertainment can be arranged for guests to give a touch of originality in events of the utmost seriousness.

Publicizing the event is of vital importance for public attendance. If you have enough budget you can think of an entire marketing and advertising campaign, using television, print, radio, billboards, leaflets and even a website. The goal is to create interest and expectation, thing you can achieve by sending press releases to the media, organizing press conferences and inviting journalists to the inauguration. Create a list of invitees, without forgetting personalities, directors and authorities: a prominent character can give resonance and prestige to the event and the media will do the rest. In addition, being able to motivate and operate a staff of employees is of key importance: once you created an atmosphere of collaboration this will generate a genuine team effort, where each person feels personally involved and therefore contributes to the success of the event. To organize a successful event it is essential that all these details are carefully studied and contingencies are… somehow expected. Experience teaches how to prevent the recurrence of mistakes, but remember: the success of an event, whatever the number of guests involved, relies on the seriousness of the organization.


Welcome to our blog!

After 18 years in business we finally decided to start a blog. We feel like it’s time to open up about everything we have learned, both from our clients and our providers, that make us the company we are today.

We would like to use this page to give our company a voice, to create our voice. A voice to talk about our new products or services and share our company initiatives and our brand’s personality: a way of showing people what we’re all about.

Organizing events is what we love doing and there’s nothing better than sharing your expertise with others who love it too. This is why we feel that this blog could serve as a two-way conversation with our customers, prospects and industry peers, because we want to tell you what we know and we want to know all the things we can still learn.

Our focus is to give an insight on our business, because organizing an amazing event is an art that you master with time and lot of exercise. And experience is what shaped our brand to what it is now. We started because of a passion, the passion of making people meet, and that passion has driven our growth into becoming an internationally recognized events management company.

We have a long story behind us but we still want to develop. And we feel that this interactive conversation is the best way for us to learn.